With the labor of much love...

Sundari is an extraordinary space where you get to feel a guest in nature.
It is impossible not to feel moved to slow down and relax cradled in a natural environment where the focus is on re-wilding the land.
Comfortable accommodation for up to 12 to 14 people, self or full catering. An ideal location for your yoga, meditation or spiritual retreat. Private or business getaway.
We look forward to hosting you here.

Where Nature Converges

Sundari is situated halfway up the north side of the valley in Okuti Valley Little River. Only 50 mins from Christchurch.
Being the final destination of Usshers Road. It is suitably remote, with stunning views across the valley and out over the lake and ocean from the south summit of the property. The entrance is at about 120 m and raises to 500m full of bush, streams. Its own small waterfall and hundreds of trees. With walking tracks over the land. The bird life is prolific.

We have a small number of companion animals on the farm. 4 Alpacas, Kingi the very friendly kuni kuni pig, Jackson the very friendly sheep plus his friend. Some chickens and a rooster, 6 ducks and 3 cats and 4 peacocks.
Most of the animals will eat from your hands.
There are 28 Chestnut trees, 3 pine nut trees and 8 walnuts on the property, along with the large blue gum coppice where we collect our firewood.


A Shared Dream and Vision

Jonathan and Yasmeen first met in July 1993. An evening of talking and sharing and did not

stop for over 3 hours.

In this first conversation Jonathan and Yasmeen shared the common dream of creating a Retreat, a place of sanctuary and healing for all who were seeking a connection to themselves and spirit.

Skip forward 13 years and Jonathan awoke one morning next to Yasmeen, now his wife, expressing to her that he has seen the Retreat, in his dream, Jonathan explored this unknown property, with rundown buildings, bush, views, walks and a nearby lake.

Not long after this, in 2007, Jonathan and Yasmeen saw a photo of a waterfall in an estate agent’s magazine. Venturing a phone call, they discovered the property was still available.

Two weeks later it was theirs with the help of two earlier investors, and an adventure began of giving a 100 arce VERY run-down property its dignity and life back. It had one advantage; it had been run as a permaculture property for the past 18 years. With many beautiful trees planted. But with this came the discovery that most of the fences had been repaired with corrugated iron and in total we ended up carting away about 4 ton of scrap.

It has been a huge and challenging journey, with more than one rolled vehicle, earthquakes, illnesses and a total renovation of a 140-year-old Totara cottage. But all dreams worth their manifestation will be revealed in the work and love that is put into them.


Stage Two

Stage two of this journey began when the new investors  stepped in , bringing a new energy that has brought us to this stage of operations.

Sundari Retreat is a space of healing, nurture, growth and recovery. A place for individuals and groups to experience the healing power of nature in an environment rich with energy and life.

Helping others to remember their essential selves and feel supported in their healing and recovery. To feel a connection once more to nature and life that leaves a deep and meaningful impact.

With specific addiction, anxiety and depression retreat clinics running regularly throughout

the year.